Project Proposals


These are some general criteria for submission of project and program proposals. Please note that priority is given to initiatives that meet most, if not all, of the listed criteria.

General criteria follows the SMART Module (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely).

Visit to learn more about the SMART Module.


  1. Submitted in writing: To be considered, project proposals must be sent in written.
  2. Focus Tally: Proposals must fall within one or two (or more) focus areas of The VALOR.
  3. Intent to produce and submit written report: The project initiator must be willing, ready, and able to submit a written report after completion of the project.
  4. Collaborative and Connective: While we welcome non-partner submissions, proposals from a VALOR partner has priority, and project proposals shall involve at least one current Member of The VALOR.
  5. Sponsorship of Submitted Proposal Depends on Availability of Resources.