Faithouse Missions is a non-denominational faith-based organization committed to the advancement of goodness and charity among underprivileged and neglected people groups.

Faithouse Missions is the outreach arm of UTANBECH MISSIONS INT’L, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. Through Richards and his wife Grace, the ministry was started on September 30th, 1992, as a positive response to the call to unreached people groups of the Northern parts of Cross River State. Over time, Richards and Grace, his beloved wife have been involved in raising and providing trains to the indigenous populations in different parts of Cross Rivers State and Cameron where their work is rapidly expanding with a growing need for support.

Their leadership vision – to raise and engage leaders for 21st century challenges – paved the way for the formation of a partnership with The VALOR USA.

The mission of Faithouse is to train leaders’ leaders, who would impact their world in various capacities. According to Richards, Faithouse fulfills its vision and mission in the following ways:

  • Medical Missions

    Faithouse Missions operates in communities where we social services and medical facilities such as hospitals are non-existent. Thus, through Faithouse Richards and his wife Grace are bridge builders. By organizing medical outreaches to support the medical needs of these communities they bridge the gap created by the absence of government responsiveness. Volunteer doctors and other health professionals join them in providing free medical services at no cost to recipients.
    Currently, they are working towards and planning to raise support to establish primary health care facilities in these area.

  • Education

    Faithouse Missions has education outreaches which gives scholarship and support to indigent students. The scholarship also extends to members of the community who are within school-age but who have been out of the school as a result of financial difficulties. Faithouse also established a nursery and primary school in its operational headquarters. Their plan is to replicate this model in our different areas.

  • Social Advocacy

    One area in which Richards has become a household name is in taking a stand and mobilizing against some nefarious local practices which deny education, freedom and choices of life to the girl child among the Becheves group. This practice is termed MONEY MARRIAGE.

  • Care for the Aged

    This arm of the activities of Faithouse provides food, medicines and clothing to the elderly, most of whom do not have anyone caring for them. Some have been abandoned to their fate by their children on flimsy and spurious claims including accusations of witchcraft possessions.

Faithouse Missions does fantastic work of social transformation through the leadership of Richard and Grace his wife. You may reach out and encourage them: +234 815 566 8844.