The VALOR fulfills a quest in leadership, representation, and identity. In an ever-changing and complex world, where individuals, communities, societies, and nations achingly aspire for solutions to social problems, The VALOR represents an important “Aha moment.” The VALOR brings character, compassion, and strength to leadership. All around us, we are witnesses to leaders absconding responsibility, or at worst, outright failure to provide much-needed leadership; men and women who occupy powerful positions crave the prestige of leadership without performing the qualifying tasks of valor and honor.

In 2015, what would eventually emerge as The VALOR had inadvertently—and certainly inauspiciously—begun as The Men of Valor International Initiatives or MOVII. With leadership development as its mission and registered as a non-profit outfit in Nigeria, the project hit the ground full steam, under the leadership of a Regional President, Temitayo Amao, an attorney, business professional, and pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, in Nigeria’s economic capital city of Lagos. In 2017, the project was formed in the United States, in the southern state of Georgia, also as Men of Valor International Initiative. Currently, due to growth and increase, the project has achieved successes in the areas of social justice and corporate responsiveness. Under the partnership and supervision of, and support from, country Directors and Managers, The VALOR provides services, skills training, ranging from organizing coaching sessions/tutorials to students, to providing pro bono legal representations to indigent citizens, to providing workshops and training for management-level professionals.

Finding new opportunities to innovatively respond to growth and expansion, the project emerged from Men of Valor to a more simple nomenclature The VALOR: With essentially the same focus—to raise responsive, responsible, and courageous leadership to tackle issues before and/or as they come—The VALOR constantly pursues fresh and viable partnership leads to provide leadership where others (might or would) have failed! And our reach is vast and encompassing, with professionals, practitioners, and experts covering a very broad network range.

The VALOR seeks critical partnerships and sponsors in any of the following areas: venture capital funding, investment funding, corporate and/or private funding, aimed at improving human life and living conditions. Beyond the operations of projects, The VALOR confidently hopes that there is yet so much unexplored goodness in humanity, and this is why, with open arms, every creative, out-of-the-box thinking and individuals are encouraged to join in the fight to express goodness through compassionate strength. Join here!